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Chicana Activists of Colorado: Powerful Women Paper Dolls and Their Stories


Twenty women are featured as paper dolls and their stories told in this new book. The author uses the paper doll book format to briefly tell each powerful Chicana’s story. Instead of fashionable clothes, each doll can use “Tools of Activist Women” such as a typewriter, bolt cutters, microphone, guitar and hard hat. There is even a podium for the use of the 7” dolls!

The publisher, Vanishing Horizons, designed the unusual book as a portfolio with each page stacked inside the cover.

The Chicanas featured utilized their voice, their story, their willingness to share their suffering. They used their determination to speak the truth and say, “¡Ya Basta! Enough!” Another 80 women are acknowledged in “More Women of Heart and Action.”


The planned signing event was postponed until late summer but the book can be ordered from Vanishing Horizons at 719-561-0993 for $18. plus tax and SH

Our Apache Ways:

Three Ceremonial Leaders Share Their Ancestors’ Teachings By Ernesto Alvarado, Geronimo Archuleta and Eagle Bear.

Three ceremonial leaders share their journey to enlightenment on the Red Road. Includes Eagle Bear’s version of the Apache creation story, Geronimo’s interpretation of the 13 senses, and Ernesto’s understanding of the many petroglyphs left here by the ancestors.

6” X 9”, 147 pages, 52 illustrations with references.


$18 +Tax & SH


El Movimiento de Pueblo


An anthology by 11 authors covering health, Casa Verde, La Gente Sports, Brown Berets, education, the court trial of Francisco "Kiko" Martinez, La Cucaracha Newspaper, and others.


8” X 10”, 112 pages., 43 illustrations with  references.


$15 +Tax & SH


Quetzales Are Not Extinct


Written by Ramon Del Castillo, Ph. D.

Published by Vanishing Horizons

Ramon Del Castillo’s newest

poetry collection, Quetzales Are

Not Extinct looks at the lives of

slaughterhouse workers, veterans,

baseball players, Guatemalan

prisoners, workers and children.

$14 +Tax & SH      90 pages

Call 719-561-0993 to buy!

Trade on the Taos Mountain Trail

Written by Deborah Martinez Martinez, Ph.D.

Illustrated by Robert W. Pacheco

Make geography, history and culture come alive by traveling the trade route between Taos, El Pueblo Trading Post.

$12 +Tax & SH

Call 719-561-0993 to buy!

Silk Dyes

Color with Bugs: Children’s Red Dye Kit with Cactus Bugs By Deborah Martinez Martinez. Contents include 8-page book with history of bugs, Women’s Silk (8 mm) Handkerchief 11” X 11”, 1/2 Teaspoon whole cochineal

$8.50 +Tax & SH

Call 719-561-0993 to buy!

Art Cards by Michael Martinez

Puerto Rico and Colorado cards

The oil and oil pastel paintings of Michael D. Martinez are reproduced in four-color art print quality Notecards (5”X7”).

$8 +Tax & SH

Call 719-561-0993 to buy!

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