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In 1968, Colorado was center of world of Carnation flowers at the 60 warehouses of the Kitayama firm in Brighton. They hired Mexican American workers, worked them for over 40 hours a week but only paid for 40, did not deduct witholdings from pay, and fired them for being sick. Guadalupe Briseno knew that wasn't right and led the workers on a strike, joining the national United Farm Workers organization. The fight ended in the women leaders being sprayed with tear gas.

STRIKE: Floral Workers VS. Kitayama

  • The author, famed social justice activist Dr. Priscilla Falcon, interviewed the stalward leader of the floral workers Guadalupe "Lupe" Briseno to get the firsthand story of the strike. Presidential candidates, college students, a coalition of religious leaders and community members from Greeley, CO, Denver and Boulder came to support the strikers.

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