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El Movimiento is a march through the changing times of the early 1970s in Pueblo, Colorado. Pueblo was a strategic location in the state and hosted national speakers and conferences. War on Poverty monies from the Johnson administration poured in creating opportunities for changes in education, health, housing. Returning Vietnam veterans raised their voices and provided leadership on the home front at the local colleges and community. These are the stories of the change makers and those who walked the boycott and protest lines in Pueblo, Colorado.


Topics include: Pueblo Neighborhood Health Center, La Cucaracha Newspaper, Teatro, Business, Legal Issues, Education, La Gente, Brown Berets, Casa Verde Mothers and La Raza Unida.​


An anthology by 11 authors covering health, Casa Verde, La Gente Sports, Brown Berets, education, the court trial of Francisco "Kiko" Martinez, La Cucaracha Newspaper, and others.

El Movimiento de Pueblo: An Anthology of Chicana and Chicano Activism Compiled by Editorial Board: Deborah Martinez Martinez, Rita J. Martinez, Pablo Mora, and Juan Espinosa and based on the History Colorado exhibit (2016).


The permanent exhibit is housed in the Library at Pueblo Community College. For information, call 719-549-3200.

El Movimiento de Pueblo

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  • 8” X 10”, 112 pages., 43 illustrations with  references.

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